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In 1962 the Board of Regents of the University of California approved a new School of Medicine as part of the rapidly developing San Diego campus. Major reasons for selecting San Diego as the site for a state medical school were the existence of the San Diego County Hospital and the fact that San Diego was a rapidly growing population center.

The hospital was officially rededicated University Hospital in 1968, and in the ensuing years the university invested millions of dollars to transform the facility from a county hospital into a sophisticated medical teaching center. On January 1, 1981, the university officially acquired ownership of the building from the county of San Diego. The facility was renamed UCSD Medical Center.

Located at the Medical Center are the UCSD Outpatient Center, the Clinical Teaching Facility, the Medical Center Library, the UCSD/AMI Magnetic Resonance Institute, and the UCSD Ambulatory Care Center. Additionally, an NCI designated Cancer Center has been established at the La Jolla UCSD campus. UCSD Medical Center is a dual site facility offering full postgraduate training in medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, pediatrics, reproductive medicine, pathology, anesthesiology, radiology, psychiatry, neurosciences, ophthalmology, pharmacology, family and preventive medicine. In addition, advanced training programs and fellowships are available in many subspecialties.