Program Information

Conferences and Didactic Teaching

The department firmly believes that teaching takes many forms. For this reason, we encourage all residents to interact with everyone on our faculty. The entire faculty is accessible and enthusiastic to teach on rounds, including individual and group settings.

There is no substitute for the daily instruction which comes from constant faculty availability for staffing, consulting, and formal teaching on the respective services.

Additionally, the following are representative of Wednesday afternoon didactic conferences:


Gyn/Onc Lecture

Once per month Didactic lectures by faculty covering Gyn/Onc topics
Urogyn Seminar Once a month Didactic lectures by faculty covering Urogyn topics
U/S Genetics Lecture Once a month Didactic lectures by faculty covering U/S Genetics
REI Lecture Series July and August Didactic lectures by faculty covering REI topics
Journal Club January-June Residents present journal articles for review and discussion
Chapter Review July-December Residents present various topics from Prolog books
OB II School Lectures March and April Didactics lectures by MFM faculty to prepare RP2s for L&D
Menopause Lectures Quarterly Didactic lectures on various topics surrounding menopause
Family Planning Lecture Quarterly Didactic lectures on various topics surrounding family planning
Kaiser Perinatology 8-10 weeks Includes diabetic OB clinic
Grand Rounds Twice a month Faculty, chief residents and guest speakers present women's health topics
Fetal Evaluation Conference Quarterly A review of fetal heart care monitoring, including history, physiology, technology, basic and unusual fetal heart rate pattern recognition, pitfalls, and case presentations of fetal heart rate monitoring
Case Conferences 3x/month Residents present review of selected treatment/management plans and surgical and other invasive procedures undertaken by the GYN, Perinatal, REI, Urogyn, and Gyn/Onc faculty
Research Skills Quarterly Provide residents with information regarding research skills involving hypothesis, study design, presentations, data management and budget, human research and protection
REI Workshop Spring Annual workshop covering various REI topics
Clinical Practice Exam Sessions Annually Evaluates first and second year residents' level of competency in four skill areas: history taking, physical examination, patient education and physician-patient interaction
Inanimate Hysteroscopy & Essure SKills Lab Biannually Skill lab to develop and practice operative hysteroscopy and essure
Inanimate & Animate Laparoscopy Skills Lab Biannually Skill lab to develop and practice laparoscopy skills
Noelle Simulation Training Quarterly Simulation training to recognize and manage particular obstetric emergency situations
EIC Meeting Monthly Program director and residents meet to discuss ideas for improving the residency program
WHS - HC Clinic Ops Meeting Monthly Program director, clinic manager, and residents meet to discuss important clinic issues and ideas to improve patient care areas
Kaiser Oncology 8-10 weeks Includes primary care clinic
Kaiser Gyn/Surg 8-10 weeks Onc + complex GYN cases, including primary care clinics
Kaiser Urogynecology 8-10 weeks Includes office gyn clinic

The clinical schedules are arranged so that all residents (with the exception of those on call, vacation, or other excused absences approved by the program director) will be able to attend the teaching conferences. Faculty members also attend some of these conferences.Dr. Janie Pak (2012 intern) with the Noelle doll during didactics