Graduating chiefs (from left to right): Marisa Alunni, Elizabeth McCarrrel, Katherine Hartzell, Margaret Howe, Josephine Kim, Lynn Ngo

Third-year residents (from left to right): Nicole Tierney, Kimberly Smith, Katherine Rice, Mimi Shaffer, Katherine Kurnit (Evan Harrison not available)

Second-year residents (from left to right): R. Tyler Hillman, James Sargent, Lindsey Charo, Amber Knight, Janie Pak, Kevin Phung

Interns (from left to right): Laura Delcore, Amy Tao, Sarah Proehl, Pritha Workman, Kathleen Dunn, Amanda Stewart

Incoming interns (from left to right): Alaina Bennett, Anela Puljic, Amy Driebe, Catherine Uchino, Katherine Sticklor, Whitney Hendrickson-Cahill